R&D group
More than 30 researchers,with two senior professors,one PhD researcher, 6 MD researchers,staffs with bachelor degree and above account for more than 90% in the R&D group.
Collaborating with colleges and universities
The company insists the combination of independent innovation and cooperated innovation, it cooperates with Tianjin University, South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangdong Academy Sciences, CEPREI laboratory and many other scientific agencies,it maintains close cooperation with them.The company fully relys on the technical force of scientific research institutes to achieve advantaged complementation , such as the nano-silver paste project based on the “Production And Research” program with the Materials College of Tianjin University in 2016, this technology had reached the industrial and domestic leading level.

Guarantee of R&D work
Set up R&D centre,analysis and testing centre in 2006.Set up the “provincial precise solder preform engineering technology research center” project in 2014.Set up the simulated welding lab in 2015.The company provides powerful guarantee just like over one thousand square meters of field and advanced instruments for R&D department.
Standard setting
The company joined in the decision of an IPC international industrial standard in 2016.As a leading company,it drafted the first union standard about assembling solder used in IGBT,then the standard was implemented at November 2018.

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